We Are Making an


Impartation through teaching, preaching, and studying the Word of God.

Making disciples through mentoring and small groups.

Preparing disciples who will make disciples through fellowship and teaching within specialized ministries within the church to build a strong foundation for discipleship.  This can include: Men’s & Women’s Ministries, Marriage Ministry, and Youth Ministry.

Availability: we encourage people to seek and secure help where needed: healthcare providers, counseling, continued education., etc.  We believe in a balanced approach to ministry that serves the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Connect with community organizations and other local ministries to meet the needs of our community.

Togetherness: in marriage, in worship, in service, in discipleship, in ministry, to the glory of God.

a little more about IMPACT

We are

 a multicultural, multiracial, Spirit-filled, nondenominational body of believers that build a strong support system inward, to be able to reach all people outward to the ends of the earth.

The Mission

To use the word of God and the love of Christ to knock down the barriers of religion, race, and rejection to rebuild people; their faith, their families, and their foundations.